From Strength to Strength

For people who want to get the most out of life and reach their full potential. It shows that to be successful in what you do, you must first become ‘successful within’.

To become ‘successful within’ and put you on the path to fulfillment, Iris Barrow outlines simple steps that will enable you to increase your confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind, to cope better with change, extend yourself, and attain your goals. The ultimate aim is to become a person who moves from strength to strength! This message is reinforced with down-to-earth case studies and practical do-it-yourself exercises. These are based not on theory, but on practical experience and know-how gained from many years Iris Barrow has spent successfully helping people in counselling and during seminars. If consistently applied, these methods really work! From Strength to Strength is the second of 3 personal growth books. Designed to be used standalone or as a set. 

Please note: The printed versions of these books and textbooks may have different covers from those pictured.

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