Your Journey Through Life

(From Chapter 12: Ways to Move Forward)

Reach out to life; be open to the unknown, and to new experiences. Doing so will lift you to a better level of functioning.

There is a tendency as we grow older to settle for what is known and familiar, and stick with it. If we remain mentally and physically flexible, we age more slowly and are less likely to become staid and set in our ways. This means embracing what is new and unfamiliar (within the framework of balance and our own capabilities of course), and being open to new experiences. Reaching out stimulates and extends the brain, as well as enhancing our life. Every day we wake up is a bonus, so let us embrace it wholeheartedly and as joyfully as we can.

We all have our aches, pains and problems, the question is, are we going to let them influence our lives to the point where we are limited in our joie de vive and therefore allow them to become the major focus of our lives? What we can’t change physically, we can alter our perspective of, and thereby get on top of the problem mentally, or at least reduce it in our mind.

Have you ever noticed that when you are mentally absorbed in an activity, or stimulated by an interesting conversation, you cease to experience so much physical discomfort?  Or that you switch off to your problems? In doing so, you are giving your mind a rest and refreshing it; the situation seems less dominant. This is an exercise we should practise regularly for our greater mental and physical wellbeing. I’m sure you have heard about the half-empty/half-full glass. How do you view your glass? If you see it as half full you will be far more inwardly contented and joyful, regardless of your circumstances and situation.

The love you give away is the only love you keep.

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