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Iris BarrowIris Barrow practises what she preaches. She is exactly where she wants to be in life. And that place is developing self-help resources to empower people to help themselves live life more fully.

With a firm belief that we can all reach our full potential if we have the life-skills to do so, Iris has developed a library of resources to enable people to deal with difficulties we can all face in life. These include stress, challenging relationships, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, lack of motivation and problems at work, to name just a few.

Iris’ 11 books and 8 audio resources are in her own words “an easy read, full of sound advice and with exercises that if followed, will really get results”.

What prompted Iris to create her own resources? Working as a psychological counsellor and seminar presenter, she grew frustrated when she couldn’t find the ‘right’ books to give her clients as backup reading following therapy or training sessions. “I couldn’t find the material I wanted all in one place and that was relatively free of psychological jargon, so I decided that I just had to write my own”.

Recently Iris has decided to cease offering counselling services and now concentrates on producing resources.

She thoroughly researches all her material and draws on her 25 years of experience providing counselling services, workshops and seminars.

For over 15 years she headed her own counselling and seminar agency which employed 14 people. “That’s a lot of hours listening to people, talking to people, offering guidance and finding out what works and what doesn’t.” Iris weaves case studies into her books, based on the sorts of stories she’s encountered working both privately and in the business world. “These help bring issues people have to life – it makes them more real.”

More information on Iris Barrow’s self-development resources is available on this website.

The Personality Manager Tool-kit for businesses
The Personality Manager Tool-kit for personal and/or family use
11 books
8 audio resources



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