Stress is driving me crazy

Q: I have a partner, two teenagers and a part-time job. I used to cope well but lately I’ve felt like I’m on a treadmill and can’t get off. Life seems like a huge list of things that need doing. I can’t sleep, feel on edge, and can’t concentrate. 

A: For a start, there may be ways you can reduce your workload. If you do all the household chores, it may be helpful to examine why you let this happen. Have you talked to your family about giving you the help you need? It’s usually not the demands of life that stress us, but the way we deal with them. Getting balance in your life is key. Set aside time to exercise. Build fun and laughter into your day! I’ve found that relaxation is the most effective tool to reduce stress and keep on top of it. My Learning to Relax CD will teach you how. Set aside time just for you, in a quiet space and simply follow my instructions.

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