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Are you looking to improve the way you live your life?

Do you want to work on issues that are preventing you from living life fully? 

Drawing on over 25 years as a provider of counselling services, a mentor and human resources consultant, Iris Barrow has created a library of self-help resources to show you how.

Iris Barrow's resources are
-  effective
-  easy to understand
-  written in simple language
-  full of casestudies to illustrate concepts
-  include practical exercises and tips that get results.

The 11 books (now only available as ebooks) and 8 audio resources (mp3 downloads) have been designed for self-study. They have helped thousands of people with issues that can affect us all such as:

- anxiety and depression
- relationship difficulties
- feelings of loss and grief
- lack of confidence
- dealing with difficult people
- problems at work, and much more.

There are also easy-to-follow Personality Manager Tool-kits to help you improve relationships in your personal life, and in the workplace.

* Please note that these are no longer available for purchase from this website.

Having observed how conflict and misunderstandings can tear relationships apart, Iris Barrow created the tool-kits to empower her private and corporate clients to know and understand themselves and others better. Designed to be used by people without specialist training in psychology or business management, the tool-kits come in two versions, one for personal and family use, the other for businesses. The Tool-kits offer personality profile tests and insights into personality types. Armed with the test results and Iris’ Guides, you will gain a better understanding of your partner’s, family members’ or colleagues’ personality types. This new knowledge will enable you to appreciate what ‘makes them tick’, so you can communicate with them more effectively. Iris offers a back-up service* should you require additional assistance.

The Personality Manager Tool-kits contain

- personality guidelines
- test and score sheets
- your scores explained
- descriptions of personality types
- how to communicate with the four basic personality types

Users have reported positive changes such as

- more harmonious family lives
- greater understanding and acceptance of self
- less conflict and higher morale in the workplace
- more functional relationships at home and at work

All resources can be purchased in the secure online shop.

What customers say about Iris' resources:

“I relate to your down-to-earth practical 'can-do' approach."

"I am now sleeping well after suffering from insomnia for twenty years. I attribute this change to Learning to Relax.”

“I love your casestudies. They are so real.”

"I like the fact that you don't use psychological jargon. One can immediately grasp the message and begin applying it."

"You write in such a powerful yet simple way. Your books are so readable."

"I listen to your audio programs everyday in the car, going to and from work. It’s like taking a university course in life skills."



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