Learning to Relax with Iris Barrow

Learn to relax, reduce stress, overcome sleeping problems. Listen to two exercises daily and you should notice improvement within three weeks.

Understanding and Overcoming Stress

A valuable tool to help you understand and overcome the stress in your life. Practical and effective.

Understanding and Overcoming Depression

A series of simple steps to help overcome depression and prevent its recurrence.

Raising your Self-Esteem

Practical methods, combined with exercises, that will help boost your self-esteem.

Building your Confidence

Learn to deal with self-doubt and negative feelings, and become more confident around others.

Responsible Self-Assertion

Learn to be more assertive, say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or offending others. An invaluable tool to help you function in a confident way.

Communicating with Confidence

Put the knowledge and skills into practice and you’ll find it easier to communicate with confidence, whether in a work or social setting.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Become motivated to succeed and attain your life and work goals by following these key principles.



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