Learning to Relax with Iris Barrow

Learn to relax, reduce stress, overcome sleeping problems. Listen to two exercises daily and you should notice improvement within three weeks.

Do you find it hard to unwind? Do your stress levels prevent you from living life fully? This audio resource has helped thousands of people learn how to relax and stay relaxed. Iris’ soothing voice talks you through five relaxation exercises.

  1. Learn how to relax physically.
  2. Learn to relax mentally.
  3. A ten-minute daytime mental and physical relaxation exercise.
  4. Effective one-minute tension breaker to enable you to unwind throughout the day.
  5. For use last thing at night. Relaxation exercise to help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you listen and practise two or three exercises daily, you should notice an improvement within three weeks. Having experienced its benefits, many users have bought this CD to give to friends, family and colleagues.

Important: You must not listen to this CD in the car as you may fall asleep.

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