The Personality Manager – Your Personal and/or Family Guide

An individual personality Tool-kit and Guide for you and/or your family.

This provides detailed information on how different personalities think and function. A clear breakdown of each person’s own dominant and underlying personality type(s). If you are applying the Tool-kit in a family or partnership (marriage, relationship) setting, there are written guidelines on how to approach each person, how to motivate and communicate with them according to their different personality styles.

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Customers say:

“… I personally gained a valuable insight into myself as a person”.

“ There used to be huge tension in our house, but now that we understand we’re different people with different ways of doing things, we’re a lot more accepting of each other”.

“Most personality profiling is very expensive and you need a degree to work it all out. This tool-kit is easy to use, packed full of information, and you’re given guidance so you can make the most of yourself and improve your relationships”.

“ … Knowing my strengths enabled me to accept and ‘grow’ more, whereas understanding my weakness helped me to be aware and watch out for them, as well as helping me to guard against them.”

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